Wednesday, 21 October 2015

See what Amaechi Did to Jonathan; Why PDP want to ‘Kill Him’

The strong man of Rivers State, ex-Governor Romiti Amaechi, was sighted on the streets of Abuja with a drum celebrating on the day Goodluck Jonathan was sad as he was handing over power to President Muhammadu Buhari. PDP saw Amaechi’s act as an affront on Jonathan.

Consequently, PDP senators are said to be doing everything possible to frustrate the screening of Amaechi now scheduled for Wednesday. They are trying to use Amaechi’s past words against him.
According to Punch, it was learnt that since Amaechi had told the Senate committee there is a case in court over opposition to his nomination, the panel might not want to recommend his screening in line with Senate convention not to act on matters before the courts.
A member of the committee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the PDP members in the committee were of the opinion that the decision to either clear Amaechi for screening or reject him would be left for the entire house to decide.
He said, “We are not in support of Amaechi’s clearance for screening because doing so will make us go against the rules and regulations of the Senate and we would not want to contravene it.
“We are of the opinion that Amaechi’s screening should be postponed to a later date when his case at the appeal court would have been dispensed with.”
No matter what, the entire Senate would resolve issues surrounding the Amaechi’s petition at a closed session before the screening exercise.



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