Tuesday, 8 September 2015

PHOTOS: Man Killed Girlfriend, Took Selfie With Her Corpse, Shared It Online

A young man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a photo of him and his dead girlfriend was spread around social media, Nanning, China.
The disturbing picture captioned with the phrase “please forgive my selfish love” shows a man, whose last name is Qin, posing with his girlfriend dead body.
The picture was captioned with the phrase “please forgive my selfish love”
The detectives suppose that the man killed his girlfriend, who is identified only as Lin, during a serious quarell.
Then he took a picture of himself next to Lin’s lifeless face and shared it with friends on a local social media site WeChat, where it immediately went viral.
Qin was arrested after killing his girlfriend and then taking a selfie with her
Dozens of worried users called the police reporting the crime and a massive manhunt was launched. It took police nine hours after the picture was posted to arrest Qin.
He was apprehended on September 6 near the scene of the crime. The case is currently still under investigation.
The detectives suppose that the man killed his girlfriend during a quarell
It’s believed that after the murder Qin took the body of his ex-lover to a secluded woodland, where he dismembered it with a handsaw and buried in a shallow grave.



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