Sunday, 25 October 2015

Campaign to Fish Out Boko Haram Sponsors Thickens

According to a report from The Guardian, Boko Haram sponsors might be exposed sooner or later as the campaign to fish them out is mounting. 


The allegation by the military command that some prominent northerners are behind the sponsorship of Boko Haram insurgency in the north eastern states and other parts of the country ravaged by suicide bombing and other acts of terrorism, many Nigerians have been calling on the Nigerian Army to expose the financiers, so as to end the war against the sect.

Curiously, this is not the first time the region has been accused of being the financial root of the dreaded militant Islamic sect. Under the administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, there were similar cries that the source of funding of terrorism in the north comes from some unknown Arewa leaders. However, that government didn’t do much to expose the culprits.

It is, therefore, interesting that the accusation is re-echoing during the time of President Muhammadu Buhari, who has vowed to annihilate the ruthless insurgents, with a deadline of three months given to the military command to accomplish this and put terrorism behind Nigerians. Under this pressuring Presidential directive, the Military may, as a matter of public and national interest, decided to unveil those behind the insurgency, thereby making the journey towards attaining peace and tranquility in Nigeria shorter.

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