Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Extravagant Lifestyle of a Wealthy Couple that Spends N23million Monthly [SEE PHOTOS]

Multimillionaire businessman, Bastian and his wife, Maria Yotta, spend nothing less than $100,000 (about N23million) a month. Bastian dreamt of living a life of luxury after watching Baywatch as a boy and luckily for him, his dream came true!
The cosmetics tycoon spends up to $50,000 on a single shopping trip. Paid thousands of dollars for his girlfriend to have a boob job and he plans to even pay another $100,000 to make her look more beautiful and pleasing to him.
Beyond the extravagant lifestyle, Bastian and his wife who lives in a $10,000 a month home in Beverly Hills, California, is however a generous man who has donated over $40million to charity.

See more photos of the couple below;



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