Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lagos Pastor, Anselm Madubuko, Confesses To Having S*x With Musician’s Wife

I don’t know if I should laugh or just keep a straight face about this scandal. I have been saying it that most Christian men are just pretending to have only one wife. In secret many sleep with young ladies. Why can’t we just stop this pretence and be real to ourselves by marrying two, three or four wives and stop commiting “SIN” in secret?
Anyway, a popular pastor who lost his wife under controversial circumstances and shortly after got married to a beautiful lady has confessed his secret sins openly.
There was drama on Sunday at popular Revival Assembly in Lagos when popular pastor, Apostle Anselm Madubuko, confessed to his sexual excapades…

According to NET, Apostle Anselm confessed to his shocked congregation that he did *rough things* with Kikelomo Akinkunmi, the ex-wife of popular music producer and singer, K-Solo. It looks like this happened when the estranged husband and wife were always quarrelling. The wife was getting some *juice* from the Pastor. Nawao!
According to the report, he knelt down during Sunday service before his congregation to confess to his ‘SINS.’ Apostle Madubuko was flanked by his new wife, Emmy Kosgei, while making his shocking confession.
Madubuko, NET reported, “came on the pulpit on Sunday to confess that he has dated Kike for three months.He said she (K-Solo’s estranged wife) came to him as a prayer warrior and he didn’t suspect foul play till it was too late’.
Kikelomo who separated under controversial circumstances with her husband has been expelled from the church as a result of the scandal. K-Solo and Kikelomo both have a child before their separation.
When NET contacted her, Kikelomo reluctantly said: “I don’t want to say anything about it, I’ll just leave it and let God judge everybody. Please don’t ask any more questions because you can’t convince me as a journalist to speak on this issue.”



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