Tuesday, 13 October 2015

See How Nigerians Blast Senators Over How They Screened Ministerial Nominees

Nigerians have expressed displeasure at the manner in which the senate screened president Muhammadu Buhari's ministerial nominees at the red chamber today.

According to a tweet by Mr. Buch ‏@1morebuch what I saw today at #MinisterialScreening@NGRSenate is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. Lost all hope!

This #MinisterialScreening is mixed blessing. In truth some of the old hands are past their time while some are average we need actors - Femi Bello ‏@femibello1

Am quite impressed with the screening process. I believe that the president selected capable hands to hit the ground #MinisterialScreening - Ogbeka Jephthah Ezim ‏@EzimOgbeka

If there should be Senatorial screening, most of our senators would find it difficult to complete a sentence. #MinisterialScreening - ‏@cerrutti1616 

ministerial screening.jpg 

I am so grossly disappointed because these nominees will take a bow today and go ahead to again require another six to twelve months, just like their principal, to first and foremost understand their portfolios, when it is eventually assigned before even coming up with blueprints to tackling the various challenges. And the masses will have to wait almost until the electioneering year, which by the way is less than 36months from now, to experience this elusive change. Going by history, nothing much is usually done in the electioneering year in terms of development. So sad hearing a lot of 'ifs' during this sham tagged screening. - Stancydg said via Nairaland.

The Senate once again proved that they are nothing but glorified rubber stamp - TonyeBarcanista

The 1st n 2nd nominees was impressive. The rest shows the Senators were already tired. All they could muster was take a bow n go. This tells you how lazy these people are. - Dannyset



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