Saturday, 24 October 2015

Video of BLACK Woman Racially Attacked by a Swedish Woman for Being Black Goes Viral

Shocking Viral video of BLACK Woman racially and verbally attacked by a Swedish woman for being black.A Kenyan woman was verbally attacked by a Swedish woman this morning for being black.
This follows an incident yesterday where a masked man attacked a school dominated by foreigners killing a teacher and a pupil at a school in Sweden.
Police chief Niclas Hallgren said their investigating team concluded that the killer had racism intentions basing on evidence they found at his apartment and “his behaviour during the act”.
Media reports suggest the 21-year-old attacker had far-right sympathies.
Armed with a sword and wearing a helmet and mask, he stormed a school in Trollhattan, near Gothenburg, before being shot dead by police.
Police found a suicide note revealing that the attacker had meant to target “foreigners” and believed “Sweden should not take in so many immigrants”, Swedish TV reported.



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