Thursday, 26 November 2015

Jumia Nigeria Online Store: See 6 Exciting Black Friday Offers [Let’s Start Shopping!]

Yipee! It’s Black Friday. Jumia Nigeria online store says it will give major discounts on some of its products today, are you ready? 

See 6 exciting black Friday deals from Jumia:

1. Techno C8
The amazing Techno C8 is up for sale for half its price. If you want a budget friendly smart phone then this is the phone for you. 

2. Highstreet Fashion
Got really high taste? , don’t worry Jumia has something for you. There’s a 60% discount on products from some of the world’s trendiest fashion houses. 

3. Playstation 4 500GB Plus Free Game
If you’ve been working too hard and need to unwind, the Playstation 4 500GB with free game is ideal for you. With over 45% discount, you can unwind without breaking the bank. 

4. HP Laptops
HP laptops are known for their ruggedness and long life span. What better to time to get one than on Black Friday? Jumia is slashing 30percent off HP laptops. 

5. Panasonic 32 Inch LED TV
It’s football season. A perfect time to get a spanking new TV with 35% discount. 

Grab your calculators, grab your internet devices, let’s start shopping.



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