Saturday, 28 November 2015

Why Shoprite in Ikeja, Lagos Was Shut Down

The Lagos State Safety Commission has shut down one
of Shoprite’s stores located at the Ikeja Shopping Mall, Lagos.
The commission says the reason for the drastic action is as a
result of the shopping outlet’s breach of safety laws.

Officials of the commission stormed the store on Friday,
ordering everyone to leave before they sealed off the
premises, and placed a seal order at the entrance.
The seal order notice says: “Sealed, this premises has been
sealed following the breach of safety law. This seal must not
be broken. For further enquiries, contact the Commission.”
According to P.M NEWS, customers unaware of the new
development were left stranded outside the store’s shut
Though the Director General of the commission is yet
comment on the closure, it is believed that Shoprite was shut
down for failing to abide by the safety laws of the state.
An investigation was said to have been carried out by the
commission before Shoprite was closed on Friday.
It was also revealed that the commission discovered items on
the shelves, that would expire in a couple of weeks.



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