Saturday, 16 January 2016

'Lai' Mohammed Officially Addresses Nigerians Calling Him 'Lie'

Nigeria's Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has officially addressed the issue of Nigerians calling him 'Lie' Mohammed. 

The Minister addressed the issue during an interview session with PREMIUM TIMES when asked how it feels to be considered a Master of Propaganda. 

He said, ''I think the democratization of the media space has brought a lot of changes, a lot of developments. Today you must have the capacity to absorb a lot of irritation. You must have the largeness of heart to tolerate a lot of insults. But the important thing is for you to remain focused. Most people react to you based on emotions. Because I’ve always challenged those who called me a propagandist to come out with just one of the thousands of press interventions I have made and say ‘this is propaganda,’ ‘this is not true.’ I’ve always challenged them.

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