Monday, 2 May 2016

5 Catchy Things Observed About Tiwa Savage’s Interview On Marriage Crisis With TeeBillz

Everyone thought the marriage breakup between Tiwa and Teebillz were just rumours until Tiwa brought  a journalist into her home and spilled all the beans. Did Tiwa say far too much? was she trying too hard to get the sympathy of the public? or was she really just being herself?
Here are the five things noticed during the interview below:
1.Scarf and minimal make up: Just like in the Nollywood movies Tiwa Savage tied a scarf and work pretty much no makeup, just to show how depressed she is or wants us to believe. Was that really necessary?
2.Interviewer: Was she there to make worse an already bad situation? . She felt like she wasn’t ready for the interview, no empathy almost like she was bored of the whole thing.
3.Interview: Did Tiwa really invite the media into the privacy of her own home just so she could tell us all the dirty stuff about her marriage? or she just thought it was our right to know?It felt like she was looking for public sympathy.
4.Huge nails: Tiwa’s nails were really long and recall her husband said she doesn’t cook for him and thanked their neighbours for always bringing him, home cooked meals. So with nails like that, we are forced to think Teebillz might have spoken the truth.
5.Better singer than public speaker: Tiwa is such a talented artiste but the interview felt like it was aimed at making Tiwa the saint and rubbing mud all over Teebillz but she said a lot forgetting that the child which she said she is focusing on, would on day grew up to read these sad stuff she spilled.
What do you think guys???



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